International Advisory Committee

Distinguished experts with significant contribution to the development of lead-acid battery science and technology will be invited to become members of the International Advisory Committee of LABAT’2017. They will be asked to advise and assist the Local Organizing Committee on the following issues:

  • Recommend scientists and experts from research institutes and companies who would be interested to attend LABAT’2017 and contribute to the technical program of the conference.
  • Suggest ideas for the successful accomplishment of the Conference goals.
  • Give their rating of the three most distinguished scientists who should compete for the 2017 Gaston Plantè Medal award.


Dr. Jörn Albers, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA, Germany
Dr. Paolina Atanassova, Cabot Corporation, USA
Dr. Petr Bača, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Dr. Gordon Beckley, Hammond Group, USA
Prof.Dr. Honguy Chen, South China Normal University, China
Dr. Alistair Davidson, ILA, UK
Dr. Timothy Ellis, RSR Technologies Inc., USA
Prof. Vahid Esfahanian, University of Tehran, Iran
Dr. Jun Furukawa, The Furukawa Battery, Japan
Prof. Dr. Juergen Garche, Fuel Cell & Battery Consulting, Germany
Dr. Herbert K. Giess, Pyramid Vision Consulting, Switzerland
Prof. Nobumitsu Hirai, Suzuka National College of Technology, Japan
Prof. Dr. Shou-Nan Hua, Shandong University, China
Dr. Angel Kirchev, INES RDI, France
Dr. Norbert Maleschitz, Exide Technologies, Germany
Dr. Robert Nelson, Recombination Technologies, USA
Mr. Spartacus Pedrosa, ITEMM - Moura Group, Brazil
Dr. John R. Pierson, Consultant, USA
Mr. L. Pugazhenthy, India Lead Zinc Development Assoc., India
Dr. Ajoy Raychaudhuri, Battery & Recycling Foundation Intl., India
Dr. Bernhard Riegel, HOPPECKE Batterien, Germany
Dr. Alexey Rusin, Baltic Energy Company, Russia
Dr. Masanori Sakai, Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan
Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Dr. Kevin Smith, East Penn Mfg, USA
Prof. Dr. David A. Stone, The University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. Alexander Velichenko, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, Ukraine
Dr. Rainer Wagner, Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL, Germany
Prof. Zeli Wang, Asia Battery Association, China
Dr. Lyudmila Yolshina, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Prof. Larbi Zerroual, University Ferhat ABBAS – Setif I, Algeria

International Gaston Plantè Medal Committee

As on previous occasions, the recipient of the Gaston Plantè Medal will be elected by the International Gaston Plantè Medal Committee through a two-step procedure to guarantee maximum objectivity of the selection. As a first step, all members of the International Advisory Committee and of the Gaston Plantè Medal Committee are asked to send their rating of the three most distinguished scientists who should compete for this award. Then, the Nominating Committee summarizes all proposals and nominates the three highest ranked candidates. And finally, the International Gaston Plantè Medal Committee, comprising 15 scientists from different countries, elects by secret vote the new recipient of the award among the nominees.


Prof. Andrzej Czerwinski, Warsaw University, Poland
Prof. Carlos V. D'Alkaine, Federal Uni of Sao Carlos, Brazil
Dr. John Devitt, Consulting Engineer, USA
Prof. Yonglang Guo, Fuzhou University, China
Dr. Eckhard Karden, Ford Research Aachen, Germany
Prof. Ivan Kazarinov, Saratov State University, Russia
Dr. Lan T. Lam, CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia
Dr. Eberhard Meissner, JCI Power Solutions EMEA, Germany
Dr. Boris Monahov, ILA/ALABC, USA
Dr. Patrick T. Moseley, ILA/ALABC, USA
Prof. Detchko Pavlov, IEES-BAS, Bulgaria
Dr. Kenneth Peters, ILA Consultant, UK
Dr. R. David Prengaman, RSR Technologies, USA
Dr. David A.J. Rand, CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia
Dr. Francisco Trinidad, Exide Technologies, Spain

Local Organizing Committee

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Detchko Pavlov,IEES, Bulgaria

Scientific Secretary: Dr. Geno Papazov,IEES, Bulgaria

Secretary: Mariana Gerganska,IEES, Bulgaria

Albena Aleksandrova, IEES, Bulgaria
Petar Angelov, IEES, Bulgaria
Branimir Banov, IEES, Bulgaria
Atanas Bobokov, MONBAT Plc., Bulgaria
Victor Boev, IEES, Bulgaria
Mariana Cherneva, IEES, Bulgaria
Mitko Dimitrov, IEES, Bulgaria
Ognian Dimitrov, IEES, Bulgaria
Svetoslav Djumaliev, IEES, Bulgaria
Adriana Gigova, IEES, Bulgaria
Dina Ivanova, IEES, Bulgaria
Maria Matrakova, IEES, Bulgaria
Yovka Milusheva, IEES, Bulgaria
Anton Momchilov, IEES, Bulgaria
Vesselin Naidenov, IEES, Bulgaria
Plamen Nikolov, IEES, Bulgaria
Buyan Ognianov, IEES, Bulgaria
Stefan Ruevski, IEES, Bulgaria
Poly Simeonova, IEES, Bulgaria
Georgi Sheytanov, IEES, Bulgaria
Evelina Slavcheva, IEES, Bulgaria
Antonia Stoyanova, IEES, Bulgaria
Sasho Vassilev, IEES, Bulgaria

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