Scientific Events

10-13 June 2014, Albena resort, Bulgaria

The Organizing Committee of the 9th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries - LABAT"2014 is pleased to announce that it was an exceptional scientific forum with 67 scientific and technical presentations, fruitful discussions at the end of each conference day, 38 exhibiting companies and enjoyable welcome party and gala dinner. Over 320 delegates from 42 countries attended LABAT"2014. You can get more information about this forthcoming scientific event if you visit LABAT"2014 Conference web-site.


Prof. Detchko Pavlov with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Pitagor Science Award

On 21 May 2013, Prof. Nikolay Miloshev, Minister of Eduction, Youth and Science, announced the recipients of the 2013 Pitagor Awards for Significant Scientific Contributions. The award ceremony was opened by Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev with words of gratitude to all nominated scientists. He pointed out that The presentation of the 2013 Pitagor Science Awards proves that we can not only make science but we make it on a world level". Six of the twelve 2013 Pitagor Awards were presented to scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Acad. Detchko Pavlov, nominated by the Scientific Council of Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, was honoured with the special 2013 Lifetime Achievement Pitagor Award for his remarkable contribution to the development of science in Bulgaria. This prestigious award is a well deserved recognition of his achievements in the field of electrochemistry, especially in lead-acid batteries science and technology. After more than 50 years of hard work, Prof. Pavlov is still very active scientist, leading several research projects and contributing new topical publications. His papers have been cited more than 3600 times in the international scientific literature.

Congratulations, Prof. Pavlov!


6th International Battery Expo & Recycling Conference IBRX India -2013
Prof. Pavlov was once again kindly invited to take part in this event of major importance for the Indian battery industry as a special guest and to open the Conference. He delivered a lecture entitled " Electrochemical Systems and Properties of the Lead-Carbon Electrodes in Lead-Acid Batteries", by D. Pavlov and P. Nikolov


MEMLAB Project
The Lead-Acid Batteries Department of IEES-BAS plays a very essential role as an RTD partner in the MEMLAB project, entitled Melt Spun and Sintered Metal Fibre Networks for Lead-Acid Battery Advancement.
The project aims to develop novel lightweight electrodes for use in lead-acid batteries for the hybrid electric vehicle market.
MEMLAB is a new 2 year project supported by funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme. It is now underway after a successful kick off meeting held at TWI Ltd, Cambridge .
MEMLAB project kicks off


Sofia Electrochemical Days - SED2012
10-13 December 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria
SED2012 was co-organized by "Acad. Evgeni Budevski" Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems (IEES-BAS), " Rostislaw Kaishew" Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC-BAS) and the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM). For the fifth time SED2012 gave a floor to established scientists as well as to young researchers from Bulgaria and from abroad to present their recent scientific achievements. Members of the Lead-Acid Batteries Dept. of IEES participated actively in the organization of the event. Scientists from our Department contributed to the high level of the conference by presenting the following lectures:
Challenges to Lead-Acid Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
D. Pavlov (speaker)
Carbon Black Materials for Improving the Performance of Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries in Micro Hybrid Applications
P. Nikolov (speaker), M. Matrakova, D. Pavlov and P. Atanassova
and a poster:
Degradation of Active Mass of Starter Lead-Acid Batteries that Worked Under Incomplete Charge at Low Temperatures
V. Naydenov, P. Nikolov, M. Cherneva, M. Matrakova


13th European Lead Battery Conference, 13ELBC
25 - 28 September 2012, Paris, France
The International Lead Association (ILA) organized once again a very successful forum featuring presentations on current market issues and on recent research work in lead-acid batteries areas. Various companies demonstrated their new products, services and innovative technologies at the exhibition held within the 13 ELBC. Prof. Detchko Pavlov and Dr. Stefan Ruevski attended the conference. Prof. Detchko Pavlov presented the lecture "Additives to HEV lead-acid batteries retarding the sulfation of the negative plates" and the audience commended him and his co-author Plamen Nikolov for their interesting work.


220th ECS Meeting & Electrochemical Energy Summit
October 9-14, 2011, Boston, Massachusetts

This scientific forum, organized by the Electrochemical Society, was attended by Prof. Detchko Pavlov and Dr. Plamen Nikolov. Prof. Detchko Pavlov presented their paper:"Lead-Carbon Electrode with Inhibitor of PbSO4 Recristalization in Lead-Acid Batteries Operating on HRPSoC Duty".


8th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries - LABAT2011

The conference, organised by LABD, was successfully held from 7 throughout 10 June, 2011 in Albena, Bulgaria.  Full information about the event is published here.


12th European Lead Battery Conference (12ELBC)
21-24 September 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Pavlov, Dr. S. Ruevski, Dr. T.Rogachev, Dr. M. Dimitrov, Dr. B. Drenchev and Dr. Nikolov, joined this significant international event. LABD contributed the 12ELBC two lectures:
- Influence of expander componentson the reversibility of the chargedischargeprocesses,  by Detchko Pavlov, P Nikolov and T Rogachev,

- Mechanism of the thermal phenomena in valve-regulated lead-acid batteries with operating closed oxygen cycle, by Mitko Dimitrov, B Drenchev, D Pavlov and D Valkovska.



During the conference the International Lead Association (ILA) organized special award presentation ceremony, on which Prof. Detchko Pavlov was honoured with the ILA Lifetime Award 2010.

Congratulations Prof. Pavlov!!!


March, Hyderabad, India

Prof. Pavlov was invited to open the event with his lecture “Short historical overview to mark the 150th anniversary of the lead-acid battery”. Later on in his comprehensive lecture “Gaston Planté and the invention of the lead-acid battery” Prof. Pavlov paid a tribute to the great scientist and person.