During the past year 2009, the LABD was visited by a number of foreign guests, including: Dr. Keith Ellis and Dr. Don Hobday from Atraverda Ltd. (UK); Dr. Mike Del Rose and Dr. Stephen Dinos from U.S. Army International Technology Center – Atlantic (USA); Dr. Robert Huusken from OCV Non-Woven Technologies (The Netherlands); Mr. Kevin Campbell from Bitrode Ltd. (UK); Mr. Roberto Vecchia from Sovema SPA (Italy); Ing. Marco Miranda from Fabrica Nacional de Acumuladores ETNA S.A. (Peru); Mr. A. Srinivas Nagaraj from NED Energy Ltd. (India); Mrs. Sibel Aserdag and Mr. Sinan Yalmaz from Inci Aku San. Ve Tic A.S. (Turkey); Mr. Kaspars Garkevics from Applied Electronics Labs (Latvia). They all were impressed by the renovated research facilities outfitted with modern laboratory equipment, by the optimized organization of the laboratory and, most of all, by the profound investigations carried out at LABD, which have won our team the reputation of a respectable collaborator in many international scientific projects and a reliable partner to many companies in the lead-acid battery industry worldwide.

Prof. D. Pavlov and Dr. Mitko Dimitrov were on a business trip to USA in December 2009. They visited the US Army RDECOM in Warren, MI  and the R&D center of Exide Technologies in Alpharetta, GA. They delivered presentations on our resent scientific achievements and discussed with the research and technical staff of the two organizations topical problems of lead-acid batteries and issues of mutual interest.


In February 2009, by invitation from the Management of Fabrica Nacional de Acumuladores ETNA S.A., Prof. D. Pavlov visited Peru. The technical staff of ETNA met his lecture course “Processes involved in the technology of lead-acid battery manufacture” (16 lectures) with great interest. They were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss with him the future technological development of the company.  During his stay in Peru Prof. Pavlov also presented the lecture “National scientific organizations and universities and the world scientific market” at the auditorium of the Universidad Nacioanal De Ingeneria.



Philippine Batteries Inc., Philippines invited Dr. Geno Papazov to deliver the course of lectures "Processes involved in the technology of lead-acid battery manufacture“ in December 2008. He also took part in discussions on specific technological problems of the company and shared his expert knowledge with the company’s technical staff. 

In November 2008, Dr. Geno Papazov visited Trojan Batteries Inc., USA and presented the lecture course "Processes involved in the technology of lead-acid battery manufacture“to the technical staff of the company. He also made a survey on some analysis data of their production.

In September 2008, Dr. Geno Papazov paid a consultancy visit to HBL NIFE Power Systems Ltd., Hyderabad, India. He delivered several lectures on technological subjects of the process of wet filling tubular plates with 3BS or 4BS suspension and manufacture of traction batteries.